Piece by Piece Fabrics:  TIPS FOR QUILT PREPARATION:       541-743-0266

Please follow these steps to experience the best possible results for your quilt.

Backing and batting must be 6 INCHES larger than the quilt top on all 4 sides!!! This is the most important item on this list! If it’s more than 6 inches, then just leave it, do not cut it off!

Trim and square your quilt top and backing. If not, it will not mount straight and therefore can possibly end up with puckers or little tucks because of excess fabric.

Check all seams for gaps or holes and make the necessary repairs. Puckers, tucks, wrinkles, and wavy borders CANNOT be quilted out. Correcting these problems before quilting gives the best results.

Backing and quilt top should be cut evenly, squared up and pressed flat.  Trim all loose threads.

Make sure all seams are pressed as flat as possible.

Remove selvage edges from seam of backing and press seam open. This helps prevent puckering of the quilt back after being quilted and washed.

Do NOT pin or baste the layers of your quilt. Keep all layers separate.

Indicate top left of quilt top and backing by safety pinning a piece of paper marked "top" in the top left corner of your top and backing.

We do not accept batting that has a right and wrong side (such as warm & natural). If you do not know what your batting is, you can purchase batting from Piece by Piece Fabrics.

Do NOT use fabric spray adhesive on any of the quilt layers.

Make sure all fabrics are free from any strong odors such as cigarette, pet, perfume, etc.

We are not accepting T-shirt quilts or fleece (fleece is different from “minky” or “cuddle” fabric) backings. We do have a long arm quilter to refer you to for these kinds of quilts.

We will contact you to make your quilt “right” if we find problem issues for us to complete the overall quilting.

Please contact us if you have any questions.